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Why Are Manufactured Homes A Good Investment?

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Potential homeowners might be confused as to how a manufactured home compares to a traditional stick-built home in terms of value. Do they gain value in the same way, and if so, are they a worthwhile investment? Learn more about why manufactured homes are a great investment and how they could offer you a growing value for your money.

The cost of a manufactured home is easier to control

Stick-built homes are left to elemental damage and often fall victim to material theft. This not only delays construction of the home but also raises the cost of the home during construction. This does not include the fact that they often face imperfections that could require repair down the line.

In comparison, manufactured homes are constructed in a climate-controlled factory, providing future homeowners with a home built to the highest of standards. This means that the cost of a home is easier to control, with wasted materials being kept at a minimum. This also includes the use of a rigid assembly-line process that provides a more energy efficient home, reducing your energy consumption and lowering energy bills.

As a result, manufactured home providers can provide you a home that aligns with the budget you have available.

Manufactured homes are built to high standards

Stick-built homes are often subject to additional checks by a third-party inspector upon completion of their home. This can place the burden on the homeowner to ensure that the home is built to a proper standard.

However, manufactured homes are required to be evaluated by a third-party inspector before they even leave the facility. This ensures that the home is built correctly before the home leaves the facility, protecting your investment from imperfections that happen often in stick-built homes.

The value will rise like a traditional home if it’s taken care of properly

The main factors that determine the value of a home include the condition of the home and the location of the property. However, the value of a home also depends on other factors that might be out of your control. This affects all types homes and is not only confined to only manufactured homes.

This means that your manufactured home can grow in value if it’s taken care of properly. This includes investing in repairs and other enhancements that increase its appeal and help ensure that it holds its value.

Invest wisely, invest in a manufactured home

Whether you’re planning on getting a modular or manufactured home, choose a home builder who places quality first. At Palm Harbor Homes, we provide potential homeowners with the home of their dreams at a cost that’s often lower than traditional homes.

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