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What is Modular Home Skirting?

Modular home with skirting

Modular homes usually set on top of cement blocks leaving the underneath of the home exposed to the elements. Modular home skirting are sheets of lightweight aluminum or tin designed to protect underneath your home from the elements.

Why should I get it?

If the underneath of the home is left exposed, then animals may use the space as shelter. Sometimes animals chew the wiring or water lines causing significant damage. Water lines are also more likely to freeze during extreme temperatures if there is no skirting present to protect from the wind, though this is rarely a problem in Texas.

How do I install skirting around my modular/mobile home?

Start by placing the bottom edge of the back rail at or just below the bottom edge of the home. Snap a chalk line to use as a guide to installing the back rail. Install the back rail beginning on the back side of the home using screws or nails positioned in the center of the rail slot. Allow a clearance of 1/16 inch as room for expansion and contraction associated with temperature change. Also, allow a half inch gap between each rail to allow for expansion.

Next, be sure the ground is smooth and free of any loose obstacles. Use a level or a plumb bob to ensure the ground is level around the bottom edge of the home. Snap a chalk line for guidance around the perimeter, then install the bottom rails by positioning the back leg toward the inside of the chalk line. Drive round spikes every 19 inches through one of the two holes provided inside the channel of the back leg.

Now you are ready to install the panels. Begin about 24 inches from the lowest corner measuring from the ground up to 1 ½ inches above the bottom edge. Take new measurements for every panel, which is about 16 inches, to ensure proper fit. Cut the bottom edge of the panel section with aviation snips or a fine tooth power saw so that it will align 90 degrees from the bottom edge of the home. Punch the lock tabs using a Snap Lock Punch tool every 4 inches along the top and the bottom edge of each panel section. Position the tabs to catch the hooked edge of the rails.

Finally, interlock the panels and insert each panel securely into the bottom rail. The lock tabs should be snapped past the hooked edge in the bottom rail. Install the corners by making a 1-inch vertical slit starting on the top back rail. Make a 45-degree notch on the bottom curved leg and back of the bottom rail then bend to the corner. Bend the panel over an even edge forming a corner, then insert the panel. Continue installing panels until all sides around the modular home are covered.

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