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What is a Modular Home?

A modular home is a home which is pre-built, then shipped to a property. The home is built within a large warehouse utilizing construction crews. However, unlike site-built homes, the modular home is built in sections, or “modules” (hence the name). The modules are then finalized within the confines of the facility.

Once the sign-off has been given and the modular home is declared as home-worthy, the module is shipped to its property. Once there, the modular units are placed together on the foundation . In a very quick amount of time, a brand new home is assembled.

Simply put, modular homes are quick and easily built homes that can match the quality and look of any home built on property. The turnaround time from construction to finalizing is fast without having to sacrifice integrity. Modular homes are an outstanding alternative to building homes on top of existing land.

Why Should I Buy a Modular Home?

There are many benefits to pre-building a home. Instead of having to contend with Mother Nature during the construction process, a modular home build is completely controlled until it gets on the property. As opposed to contending with the elements, a modular home can be built every single day from beginning to end without any worry for stoppage. It also eliminates the possibility mold being built into your home, which is very common in site-built construction.

…when a home is built in a factory it can be made at a much lower cost. Because a factory is building the same set of homes over and over, they are able to buy in bulk at a very low cost.

Additionally, when a home is built in a factory it can be made at a much lower cost. Because a factory is building the same set of homes over and over, they are able to buy in bulk at a very low cost. Not only can they buy in bulk, but there is also the option of buying pre-cut pieces of wood. This makes the wood less expensive and it is a much more environmentally friendly way of building.

Modular vs Manufactured Home

A modular home is not a manufactured home. It is important to clarify the difference between the two, as it is very easy to confuse.

There are two main differences in Modular and Manufactured homes. While both are built in a factory and delivered to their home site, they are not both mobile homes. Once a modular home has been set, it is as permanent as a site-built home, whereas a manufactured home can be relocated.

The second difference between a modular and manufactured home are the two building codes. Manufactured homes are built to HUD code. It is a minimum spec requirement code. While not much is required, Palm Harbor has set its own standards for manufactured homes that go far above and beyond the HUD requirements. Modular homes, on the other hand, are built to the International Residential Code, the exact same code for site built homes. The end result is a much stronger home.

A lot of times when a homebuyer is choosing between the two, the decision is made based upon the requirements for the home site. Modular homes are more commonly built when the land is within city limits due to the city’s requirements. Manufactured homes usually go into communities or outside of city limits where there are fewer requirements.

It is a common misconception that modular homes are better looking than manufactured homes. In reality, almost every one of the 350+ floor plans we build can be built both modular and manufactured. So, the look of the home depends on the floor plan chosen, not the way you choose to build it, and the amount of character each floor plan has is just a difference in pricing. Another thing that impacts the visual appearance of the home is the foundation. Both manufactured and modular homes are required to have a crawl space underneath, and modular homes are required to have skirting around it. There are many different kinds of skirting from rock and brick to lap siding. These go flush to the ground, and when you add landscaping in front, like you would with any site-built home, there is no longer a visual difference. With a manufactured home, skirting is not a requirement. Many times, homeowners will opt not to add skirting in order to save money. In the end, it is up to you to make the creative decisions that make your home look more or less like a site-built home.

Cost of Building a Modular Home

Ranges from a base price of $50 a square foot and up. It is important to note that some prices have gone lower, while others have gone higher. Depending on the manufacturer and construction teams involved with your modular home, the pricing could be vastly different. The price provided is a typical average that you might see.

One of the biggest variables involved with modular home pricing are the services that you would like included. If you would like a simple modular home build and nothing else, then your price will be lower. However, if you would like to include connecting your utilities, landscaping, checking the foundation, and more, your price is going to go up.

In order to get the best set expectations, make sure to keep in regular communication with your modular home construction team.

The Best Modular Home Builders are Palm Harbor TX

Palm Harbor Texas knows a thing or two about modular homes. We’ve been specializing in unique manufactured and mobile home building for more than 40 years. In that time, we’ve been at the cutting edge of innovation, making the process of building a home as painless as possible. Instead of waiting around for results, we get you your homes better and faster.

Modular homes are no different. Modular homes are yet another shining star for our catalog of services. We like to do good work for anyone who comes to us. We also believe in the future of modular home design. Utilizing cutting edge technology, we can help create custom homes for you while the modules are still in the warehouse.

If you are interested in taking your first step for modular homes in Texas, don’t wait. We have your modular home team ready and standing by to answer any questions you have. Our team is trained on the latest in modular home building techniques and technology. This gives us the expertise on getting you the information you want. Contact your Palm Harbor Texas representative and start towards building your home today.

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