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What is a Manufactured Home?

A manufactured home is a house built inside of a factory, which is then transported and installed on a piece of land. While they are different from site-built and modular homes, they can appear to be visibly identical to both. Many people are used to the term mobile home, but that is term used for much old homes built before Housing Of Urban Development (HUD) took over regulating how homes were built.

Manufactured homes adhere to a strict code set forth by the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, or HUD Code. This creates a universal system of building manufactured homes which allows for exceptional building standards. Their construction even requires that they be able to withstand minimum hurricane force winds.

Manufactured homes differ a few ways from site-built homes. The first being that they are built to different codes, and second, is that they are built in a factory. Building homes in a factory make manufactured homes superior in many ways. Onsite construction can be affected by weather and theft, so site built homes have to factor weather damage and theft into their building prices. Why should the home buyer have to pay for those added costs.

Another perk to building in a factory is that materials are bought in bulk, and even sometimes in pre-cut pieces which significantly reduces both costs and waste. The last major difference is that a manufactured home can be relocated while modular or site-built homes are permanent once placed. Of course, you cannot just hook it up to the back of your truck. It will require the help of a mobile home transportation company, but at the end of the day, your manufactured home is welcome to move with you.

In Short, when building a manufactured home you are not getting a lesser home. Though many manufactured home builders today do choose to use the lowest quality materials allowed to build just as many site builders, Palm Harbor Homes always chooses to go well above HUD building code when building a manufactured home so that their reputation and the customers new quality home will stand the test of time. Take a walk through one of our homes with our Virtual Home Tours

How Much Do Manufactured Homes Cost?

Manufactured homes are often much less expensive than site-built homes. In 2015, the average price of a home in Texas was $157,000, or roughly $80 a SQFT. Palm Harbor Homes of Texas has manufactured homes starting as lows as $23,900 or roughly $29 a SQFT. Since manufactured homes are able to offer the same amenities as a site built home, at a fraction of the cost, you are able to have a much higher value per square foot., and get a much low average monthly payment, or a much bigger home.

In 2015, the average price of building a home in Texas was $157,000. Palm Harbor Homes of Texas has manufactured homes starting as low as $23,900.

Manufactured Homes vs. Modular Homes In Texas

Manufactured and Modular homes are easily confused. Palm Harbor Homes of Texas has over 300 floor plans that can be built both ways. To start with, they are both built in a factory and in modules which are completed before being transferred to the home site, where each module is then set together.

There is no real visual difference between the two homes. Where the difference lies is, first, in the building codes. Modular homes are built to the same code as site-built homes, whereas manufactured homes are built to HUD code. Modular homes can withstand a little more wind power than a manufactured home but, like a site-built home, modular homes are permanent once placed on their foundations. Manufactured homes can move with you, and they cost less per square foot. In many cases a modular home built by Palm Harbor Homes actually builds to a higher level than your average site built home.

How Can Palm Harbor Homes Help Me With My Manufactured Home?

Palm Harbor Homes of Texas has an outstanding legacy of manufactured homes. For decades we have helped people achieve their dreams of becoming homeowners by offering the best of what manufactured homes have to offer. Our service seeks to be unparalleled for all manufactured homes in Texas.

One way Palm Harbor Homes shows our caring is with our dedication to helping you. Maybe a manufactured home isn’t the best fit for you. Our people will get you in the right home whether it’s manufactured, modular, or even an eco-friendly park model. Ultimately, we want you to walk away knowing what it is that you want in your new dream home. We firmly believe we offer the best manufactured homes in the nation. We want you to experience homeownership with the best. We will go above and beyond to put you in the best home possible, and give you quality service after.

For more information on how you can buy a manufactured home in Texas, contact us today to get your journey to a new home started.

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