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4 Ways to Open Up Manufactured Homes

Feeling trapped inside your home? Most manufactured homes are created to maximize space while minimizing cost. It usually results in a rectangular, single-story design made for efficiency. While there is plenty of room for living comfortably, homes tend to fill up for various reasons.

When it gets to be too cramped, you can use these tips to open up some more breathing space in your home.


Decluttering is more than just cleaning. It’s helpful to keep odds and ends in their proper storage places. More than that, it’s essential to make sure your home isn’t filled with goods that are broken or no longer used.

Toss Out Old Stuff

Make a sweep of your home from front to back. Start a list of the things that are rarely used. Determine whether they need to be recycled, can be sold, or have to be taken to the dump. Then hold a garage sale. It’s a great venue to sell household goods and appliances that you don’t need. Bargain hunters will also take old furniture off of your hands. You can even unload upholstered items to people looking to collect metal.

Minimize Furniture

Some furniture items are only for luxury and take up lots of space in exchange for little utility. Ottomans tend to be cumbersome and serve little purpose. Extra large dining tables take up unnecessary amounts of space. Chairs and sofas can quickly add up.

It may be best to get rid of unnecessary furniture items with little or no function. Buy a dining table that suits your needs, and make sure that you have only the dining chairs that you need. Bring in a sofa that can comfortably seat the members of your family and no more. If you’re looking to entertain, a combination of sitting pillows and a short coffee table is great for social gatherings and makes the most use of your space.


Speaking of minimizing furniture, you can also buy stackable furniture and multipurpose accessories.


Retailers now sell cushions that stack for when they aren’t in use. Chairs are usually stackable and can be kept in a safe place when not in use. Don’t forget about storage bins, either. Plastic bins have lids designed to protect your stored items while keeping them safe from slipping. They can be stacked safely to take advantage of horizontal space.

Colorful Stacked Cushions
Source: Ginger & May

White Bench With Storage
Source: Sandra via Flickr

Multi-use furniture

You can find benches that have storage below the seating. Some tables are built with shelves and drawers for people with home offices or smaller houses. Even bookshelves can be split into cubic sections for maximum storage. Wall-mounted shelving is ideal for saving space. Book storage combined with shelving creates open spaces with noticeable character.

Pet Solutions

For homeowners with pets, you can also add Murphy-style fold out beds that are made pet-sized. They add shelf space and storage for toys and blankets. Pet feeding stations also combine food storage and eating space for pets. Don’t be afraid to make full use of the space underneath your furniture as well. Pets like shelter and enjoy the underside of your furniture, so feel free to dress it for pet use.

Murphy Bed With 2 Dogs
Source: Murphy’s Paw


Color is your friend when looking to create new space. Consider these properties of color and how they relate to space.


The color you pick for your walls, floors, and ceiling determines how you perceive the space around you. Colors that don’t contrast sharply tend to blend, creating seamless space that makes your rooms feel more spacious and inviting. White has the greatest space potential. Painting all of your walls white flattens the dimensions of the room. Your brain thinks that walls extend longer than they actually do. Off-white colors are often softer on the eyes while still creating space.

Soft blues and greens evoke the outdoors and are effective space makers. Avoid murals and artistic designs if you’re looking to keep things open.

Wall Stripe With Many Colors


The intensity of color also has an impact on perceived space. The deeper a color is, the more your eyes are drawn to it. The extra attention on space limitations heightens the sense of enclosure. Even bright colors such as yellow close off open spaces.

Different shades or multiple colors on your wall make rooms seem even more narrow. If you like color on your walls, keep the saturation low and try to make each room’s paint match.

Change Windows

Manufactured homes can incorporate new windows to open your home to the outdoors. To keep prices low, manufactured homes are usually created with common double hung windows. They are double-paned and can be lifted to allow airflow.

Full Length Window In Mobile Home
Source: 6sqft

  • Single-pane casement windows
    They open on hinges to the outside of the home. When placed in line, they create a large space that lets in light and decreases the appearance of walls.
  • Full length windows
    These windows reach nearly the entire length of the ceiling to the floor. When placed next to one another along a single wall, they eliminate the feeling of a barrier.
  • Slider windows
    These windows are popular in the eastern hemisphere. They slide horizontally, making it easier to open and close your home to the outdoors. Their usability keeps spaces feeling more free.

A home should never be a space in which you feel uncomfortable. Some of these tips are quick and easy solutions, while others take time, effort, and money. All of them will improve the satisfaction you feel with your living space as well as your quality of life.

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