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Types of Air Conditioning for a Modular Home

hvac air conditioner outside of home

At Palm Harbor Homes we use efficient insulation to help keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The Austin and San Antonio area heats up over summer, so it is a smart move to install air conditioning in your modular home.

Our San Antonio and Austin home selections have different cooling options available that can be bundled with the purchase of your modular home. Some modular homes we sell include air conditioning units, but there are also a variety of units to choose to install in your modular home.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning units rely on an outdoor fan unit and an indoor compressor to pump warm air outside and compress cool air to blow indoors. Central air units distribute air through a duct system that is either above your ceiling in the attic area or below in the crawl space of your modular home.

At Palm Harbor Homes we like to include a central air conditioning unit in your modular home due to how easy it is to install central air ducts when the home is being constructed rather than adding it later. We will route the vents and ducts to efficiently cool your home in the hot summer months.

Window Air Conditioning Units

Window air conditioning units are great for covering small rooms in a home. A window unit slides in the opening of a window and plugs into a wall outlet inside. It is hard to find a window unit that exactly fits the size of your window opening, so you will have to find extra panels to cover the holes in your window.

Window units are a great temporary fix to air conditioning, but they are hard to install and have to be taken out in the winter and reinstalled in the winter. Window units are also not the most efficient method of cooling an entire house. By the time you install a window unit in every room of your home, it will reach the price of installing central air conditioning.

Portable Air Conditioning Units

Portable air conditioning units are large towers that work like wall units, but can be placed in large rooms. Portable units still require a venting system to the outside of your home, but the vent easily fits any window opening. Portable air conditioning units work well for large rooms where you can direct the cold air around.

Ductless Air Condition Units

Ductless air conditioning units are mounted on the top of walls near the ceiling and require a vent to the exterior so warm air can blow outside. This unit requires a smaller hole to go outside and is an efficient and space-saving way to get air conditioning into smaller rooms. The capacity of ductless air conditioning units is ideal for small to medium sized rooms.

Wall Air Conditioning Units

Wall air conditioning units are similar to window units but are installed directly into the wall. Walled units need a large space to be cut into a wall, and are a permanent installation. They are ideal for smaller areas and are more expensive than window units. Wall units are great for small rooms without windows but are more expensive than window units.

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