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The Advantages of a Single-Story Home

I remember, as a child, what a big deal it was to live in a two-story house. All the great families of film and television had stairs; all the cool kids had stairs. How was I supposed to sled out my front door into the snow without stairs? How was I supposed to sing goodnight to my parents’ party guests without stairs? How on earth was I expected to make a grand entrance on prom night without stairs? Somehow I managed to survive, and now that I am grown I am starting to see all the great advantages a single-story home actually has over a two-story home.

  • A one-story home is safer! Not only do you avoid clumsily falling down the stairs while grasping tightly to a load of laundry, but also in the case of a fire, home invasion, or a big scary spider in the laundry room, the evacuation process is much easier when there aren’t stairs in the equation.
  • It is easier and cheaper to heat and cool a one-story home. In a two-story home the circulation is inconsistent and they typically require separate HVAC systems, which also means doubling the cost of HVAC repairs. It is easier to shade a one story home and the air circulates more fluidly cutting your energy costs!
  • Single-story homes are a more efficient use of space. With a two-story home, a good bit of square footage is allotted to the staircase and they typically require a higher number of bathrooms since in a single-story home, everyone is on one level together. “Bring on the extra closet space!” I always say!
  • If I am downstairs with freezing feet and my warm slippers are upstairs, my feet will likely remain frozen because let’s be real, after a long day of working, running errands, and doing chores, those look like the stairs of Mordor right now.

Whatever your preferences may be, Palm Harbor Homes has a beautiful and functional floor plan to meet the needs of your family’s lifestyle. For more information, please contact your nearest Model Center!

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