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Texas Hunting Cabins

Hunting cabin kitchen area.

Palm Harbor makes hunting cabins to fit all your hunting needs. Outfitted with wooden interiors and ample storage, they’re perfect to put on your ranch or gameland.
For many, building a retreat on their own ranch is a dream, but Palm Harbor can turn your dream into a reality.
With Palm Harbor, you can have a new manufactured hunting cabin on your land in days, instead of the months to years that building a traditional house can take.

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Quality Texas Hunting Cabins

Palm Harbor hunting cabins are built to order, so you can ensure you’re getting exactly what you want. Customize your home to fit your specific needs. Whether you imagine a house with amenities, a space where you can rough it, or a place for you and your whole family to lodge in, Palm Harbor has a variety of options for everyone.

Palm Harbor’s Texas hunting cabin features include:

  • Wooden interior options. Nothing says hunting lodge better than deer racks and wood walls. Customize the inside of your home with the coziest options for your cabin. We can’t provide you the trophy buck for the wall, but we can help with the rest.
  • Superior Quality materials. Palm Harbor prides itself on the quality and durability of our materials, meant to withstand the elements. Winterized weather options can add an extra layer of warmth to insulate yourself even further during the cold winter months.
  • Multiple bedrooms . With built to order options, your hunting lodge can be fitted for you, your family, your friends and more. Singlewide lodges can be equipped with multiple bedrooms and enough room to sleep an entire hunting party.
  • Porches just for you. Want some room to relax after a long day on the trail? Palm Harbors manufactured and modular hunting cabins offer both covered and traditional porches for you to kick back and enjoy Mother Earth.

Building on your hunting land

Depending on the location and terrain of your land, it can often be difficult to build traditional property buildings. Palm Harbor hunting cabins and manufactured homes can provide some relief to this endeavor, and can make living and/or lodging on your property easy.
Even if the area doesn’t have city water, sewage, or electricity, Palm Harbor hunting cabins have options to suit every need.
Before you purchase land, make sure to check local county building codes for guidelines. A Palm Harbor specialist will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about putting our manufactured homes on your land.

Hunting land perfect for a hunting cabin in Central Texas.

Wild Game in Texas

Texas has some of the best wild game hunting in North America, and there’s nothing better than hunting the trails of your own land. Whether you want to bring friends or family, or you’re more interested in trekking alone, having your own hunting land is one of the most rewarding investments you can make. White-tailed deer, ducks, feral hogs, and turkeys all frequent Central Texas, and fall is one of the best times to go hunting. Some species you can potentially hunt on gameland include:

Wild South Texas Whitetail deer buck in velvet


White-tailed deer frequent the hill country, and deer season is typically October or November through December, and sometimes extends through January. Unlike other common wild game, which have more regular mating patterns, deer are more particular about where they bed. For this reason, a great spot for deer one year may yield none the next. When hunting your own land, be careful not to overhunt, and try to keep good notes when you see beds in your land so you can track patterns. For deer, hunting every other season will yield better quality game in the long term on your property.
White-tailed deer hunting regulations and seasons

Wild South Texas Rio Grande turkey walking during sunset


Normally hunted around the same time as deer – from November to January – wild turkey are plentiful in Texas, and can prove great game animals. Adding feeders to your property, away from but in sight of your hunting cabin, can often help you find your Thanksgiving turkey.
Turkey hunting regulations and seasons

Feral hog spotted in the open in a forest clearing

Feral Hogs

This pest-turned-game-animal has become a popular hunting target recently due to potential damage it can cause. Feral hogs can be hunted on your own property without licensure year round. Additionally, if you have permission from the landowner of someone else’s property, you can hunt on that land without a license as well.
Feral Hog hunting and nuisance information

A mourning dove (Zenaida macroura) perching on a branch.


White wing dove hunting, especially in September, brings hundreds of thousands of hunters to the Lone Star state every year for some of the best bird hunting in the world. Dove hunting is perfect for new and experienced hunters alike. Texas is a wing shooters paradise for all, and central Texas is prime for the birds.
Dove hunting regulations and seasons

A Mallard female duck landing in water.


If you live by some land with water or a pond, winter duck hunting can provide excellent opportunities. While successful duck hunting is not always as easy as doves and often requires dogs for retrieval, the reward is well worth the hunt! It is to be noted that all waterfowl hunting can only be done with non-lead shotgun loads. This is to protect the species as a whole from contaminates found in lead, especially around bodies of water.
Duck hunting regulations and seasons

Alert Cottontail rabbit eating grass.

Squirrel and Rabbits

In most areas, squirrel and rabbit hunting has no bag limit, and no off season, allowing you to go out whenever you want. Both rodents are plentiful in Texas and can provide excellent plinking opportunities for both new and experienced hunters.
Rabbit hunting regulations and seasons

Hunting Regulations on your own property

One of the most common questions when purchasing unincorporated plots of land in Texas is “can I hunt on this land?” The answer is most often related to where the land is, and how much of it you’re purchasing.

If it’s within Austin or San Antonio City limits, you probably can’t hunt there without some loopholes. If the land you want to hunt on is less than 10 acres, the typical answer is no as well. If the property you’re hunting on is 10-49 acres, archery and shotgun use is sometimes allowed, but this varies county to county. 50 acres or more is when rimfire rifles, centerfire rifles, and handguns can be used. This however, is all dependent on the county and location you’re in.

Before hunting on land you think is fair game, be sure to call your local Game Warden or county clerk (ask about §235.022, Local Government Code) for specific rules.

If you’re interesting in purchasing land specifically for hunting, make sure to consult your real estate agent and game warden to ensure that the land can adequately suit your needs.

Don’t hunt or discharge firearms until you’re sure that it’s legal to do so in your area.
Check here for a list of restrictions by county.

Special Permits for hunting on your land

If you can legally hunt on your own land, then the only thing you need is your valid hunting license. Proceeds from hunting and fishing licenses are used for conservation efforts in the state of Texas. Certain animals, like deer, duck, and turkey, require special licensure before they can be hunted. Certain animal hunting licenses can sometimes be waived if an animal is causing undue harm on your land.
If you’re interested in leasing your land for public hunting, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is always interested in finding new areas for hunters to use. When leased, you can negotiate the price and amount of hunters that can hunt your land, so your property doesn’t get over-hunted or littered. Strict regulations for hunting on leased property ensures that hunters allowed on your property won’t overstep any bounds.

What happens if someone gets injured on my land?
To be sure that you’re safe in case of an accident while you, someone you know, or someone you allow to hunt on your property is injured, it’s best to make sure this is included in your homeowners or ranch-type home insurance policy. If someone is injured on your land while you’re leasing it out as part of a business venture, you may not be covered without proper insurance. A Palm Harbor representative can help assist you regarding these delicate matters so you can ensure your safety and liability, and the safety of others on your property.


Dealing with trespassers on your property, especially when you’re not always on your hunting land, can be troubling. Palm Harbor has surveillance options to safeguard your home, and anti-theft measures to increase the safety of your hunting cabin. Reinforced locks and surveillance outlets can be added to your home to ward against trespassers, so you can feel better when you’re away.