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Questions to Ask When Buying a Modular Home

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Modular homes are a great alternative to traditional homes. The models that are available today look similar to ranch houses and come in different sizes like a single wide or a double wide. You can purchase one with just one bedroom that is big enough for two people and a few pets, or you can buy a larger home that comes with up to four bedrooms. Before you buy from one specific company or builder though, you should ask a few simple questions.

What’s the Difference Between a Modular or Mobile Home?

When you ask about the difference between a modular and a mobile home, you’ll find that modular homes are much stronger. Builders manufacture all the parts for these homes and bring them to the site of your choosing to assemble the parts. Modular homes meet all the building codes and standards in your area too. A modular home is more permanent too. Mobile homes often have some type of chassis or frame that allows owners to move them.

What’s the Difference Between a Modular and a Traditional Home?

A traditional home is quite expensive and requires a lot of permits to build. These homes can have two or more stories as well as a basement or an attic. Modular homes are just as strong as traditional homes, but are usually one story. Most shoppers find that modular homes are more affordable too.

Can You Move Modular Homes?

Unlike mobile homes that are easy to transport, modular homes are permanent additions to a piece of land. These homes sit on a foundation that provides support for the entire building and keeps it from sitting directly on the dirt or grass. You cannot move a modular home without going through the expense of hiring a crew to move it for you.

How are Modular Homes Made?

Modular homes are almost like the kit homes that were popular in the early 20th century. Those kit homes came in large boxes and include walls, doors, windows and all the other parts necessary to build a home. Though modular homes are similar, you no longer need to do the building yourself.

Manufacturers make the parts of the home in factories and ship those parts to builders. When you work with your builder, you pick the layout and parts that you want. Builders will bring those parts to the site of your choosing and build the home from the ground up.

What are the Biggest Advantages and Disadvantages?

Some of the main advantages of modular homes include how quickly you can build one and the low cost. You can usually get a larger home for less than it would take to buy an existing home of the same size. As the parts come to the site ready for installation, builders can get the house up quickly too.

Disadvantages of modular homes include the cost of running utility lines to the home and buying land for that house. Talk to a qualified builder today to get answers to any other questions you might have before buying a modular home.

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