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Preparing Your Mobile Home for Inclement Weather

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As the temperatures drop and the cold of winter weather rolls in, it is probably time to start thinking about ways to protect your mobile home in Texas. While snow is not a problem every year, it can and does happen. Winter storms, especially wind and hail, are much more common and can cause massive damage to an unprepared manufactured home.

Things to Consider When Preparing for Winters in Texas

Although mobile homes in Austin won’t be buried under several feet of snow, a biting gust of winter winds can certainly have you pulling on your winter coat. Snow and ice are also relatively common in northern Texas, which means you need to be prepared just in case. For instance, a faulty heating unit or broken generator can cause injuries. Before winter sets in, it’s important to take a look at some of the ways you can get ready.

Properly Preparing Mobiles Homes for Rain and Storms

When heavy rain falls or a hurricane makes landfall, it can lead to flooding and damage to your mobile home. Most mobile homes are raised off the ground, offering some protection. However, the skirt around the bottom of the mobile home is an important part of its rain shielding. Check to make sure it is in good condition before the rainy season sets in, and remember to look at the anchoring on your mobile home so that it does not shift in the event of a flood.
The roof is another area that can use some extra attention. Even a small leak can lead to a very big repair bill when it causes internal damage. Check the roof for any areas that could use some work.

Preparing Mobile Homes for Hail and Snow

Before the big temperature drop, you’ll want to make sure your heater is working properly and has plenty of venting. You’ll also want to check your insulation. If your mobile home isn’t insulated, this relatively inexpensive home repair can be a great way to cut down electric costs. Plastic sheeting on the windows can also help cut down on drafts, while an insulated roof coat is a great way to help seal your mobile home and ready it for the winter weather.

A mobile home offers a nice combination of affordability and convenience, but it is important to take care of seasonal weatherizing to keep it in good repair. A little bit of preparation can save you thousands on a major repair.

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