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Site Work For Texas

All The Help You Need With Home Improvements

When it comes to on site construction on new housing, site work can be demanding. When you choose Palm Harbor Homes TX to create your turnkey development, you also choose a partner that will help you from start to finish.

Our close ties with local contractors, handy men, and certified improvement workers help you find lower prices, and we offer as much (or as little) help as you want in developing everything from smaller details (driveways, decking, garages, skirting, septics, etc.), to larger ones like city and county approvals, title work, and engineering inspections.

We know that when you build inside many towns and cities that they can have some red tape and hoops to jump through, and it is always good to have an experienced helping hand. Everything we assist you with will follow local code under the eye of our free personal construction managers, who will be there throughout the entire process on modular homes.

Low prices do not always mean better service. Don’t get stuck paying more for corrections just to save a dollar up front. Let us help you do it right, and assure that your home lasts a lifetime.