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Eagle Ford Shale oil field housing in Texas

The Eagle Ford Shale is the largest oil and gas play in Texas, and one of the biggest oil and gas developments in the world. Oil field jobs in Texas employs hundreds of thousands of workers through about 30 Texas counties.

As a turnkey development company, Palm Harbor Homes has more than 35 years of experience creating custom manufactured homes for the oilfield. Our experienced team can help bring luxury, affordable housing, offices, and construction in a timely manner.

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Floorplans for all

As a turnkey development manufacturer, Palm Harbor doesn’t only construct housing, but entire neighborhoods, filled with laundry units, cafeterias, general stores, restaurants, banks, offices and recreational facilities.
From single-wide floor plans to multi-story housing, Palm Harbor Homes has everything. Apartment style, community facility, hotel/motel style are just some of the options we have for housing, depending on your needs. Homes can have 1-5 bedrooms depending on your needs, and we can order and implement specific buildings.
Bringing hundreds to thousands of jobs to unpopulated areas drives the demand for housing up very quickly. Building a development from scratch can take months to years before being operational, whereas Palm Harbor Homes can have whole communities built, delivered, and installed in a fraction of the time.

Steps to take for new developments

We can develop an entire oilfield community quickly, efficiently, and affordably, with the help of our dedicated project managers who can assist you with all technical aspects to fit your needs. Our team of professionals will be there start to finish for your development, including:

  • Inspection
  • City approval
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Catering

Oil field developments can bring peripheral revenue to your operation, and save on opportunity costs by keeping your staff near your work site. Finding residential land near your planned drilling site becomes more and more in demand as the Eagle Ford Shale reserves bring jobs to South Texas. Palm Harbor makes the process easy.
As an advocate of local Texas energy sourcing, Palm Harbor Homes is an affordable and efficient way to obtain custom built modular homes and begin growing communities for your project.

Oil workers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from reserve housing developments. Local communities in South Texas can also take advantage of the hotel-style accommodations largely found in turnkey oil developments, through creating them for workers, or for using them to drive visitors into your community.

About the Eagle Ford Shale

The Eagle Ford Shale (also called the Eagle Ford Group) extends from Northern Texas down South of San Antonio and West to the Rio Grande. Due to its proximity between Austin, San Antonio and Houston, many of the oilfields are purposely drilled in the area between the two cities.

Palm Harbor helps communities small and large with their developments, so that people can work in the oil field jobs they want. The Eagle Ford Shale has helped develop budding oil towns including Cuero, Gonzales, Victoria, Karnes City, Three Rivers, and George West, among many others.
The Eagle Ford Shale was one of the most actively drilled plays in the world in 2010, but oil output has dropped in the last five years. Drilling is, however, expected to increase in 2017, with 100 new rigs added since spring 2016.
The shale that comprises much of the play is rich in carbonate, making it easy to break and create oil or gas through hydraulic fracturing. Current oil reserves are estimated at around 3 billion barrels.

An oil drilling rig in the Eagle Ford shale area of Texas surrounded by flowers in a field.

An oil drilling rig in the Eagle Ford shale area of Texas surrounded by flowers in a field.