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Mobile Home Holiday Decorating Ideas

A Christmas bulb with a reflection showing tinsel and snowflakes

Mobile homes and manufactured homes are convenient, affordable, and inviting for many Texas residents. This type of home offers many benefits but does require a different approach when it comes to holiday decorations. Fortunately, you do not need unlimited space to create a festive look for your family and your neighborhood.

Finding the Perfect Tree for Your Space

Whether you have a single wide or a double wide home, you want to choose a tree that gives you maximum impact without taking up too much space. If you have a kitchen bar, consider moving your bar stools for the season and placing the tree in the corner. That way, you can also use the remaining bar space for other holiday decorations, including your snow globes and ceramic village pieces. You will create an attractive holiday area while maintaining most of your living space.
If that idea doesn’t appeal to you, consider buying a 24-inch artificial tree and installing it up on the bar or a coffee table placed along the wall. As long as you create a special holiday nook, your home will look ready for the festivities.

Energy-Saving Decorations

If you have incandescent lights or other electric holiday decorations from decades past, consider replacing them. Newer LED lighting systems use less electricity and still provide a lovely glow. Experts recommend buying Energy Star brands, which greatly reduce your energy consumption while making it more difficult to blow a fuse. If you want to use a few of your older lighted decorations, try to limit their use.

Space-Saving Decorations

If you want more space-saving decorations for your modular or mobile home, concentrate on the exterior of your property. You can create a veritable winter wonderland using inflatable snowmen and Santas. Keep the energy costs down by choosing Christmas decorations that do not require electricity and highlight them using a lone spotlight.

Other Holiday Decorations for Mobile Homes

Other ways to make your home bright include decorating your front door. You can do so inexpensively by covering it in wrapping paper and adding a ribbon. Also, consider investing in a large wreath that can easily be attached to your home’s exterior to add holiday pizzazz without crowding your family.

Although decorating your modular home may pose a few challenges, they are nothing that you cannot handle with a little creativity. Limit the use of electrical decorations and be flexible about the size and placement of your Christmas tree. Your home will be bright and so will your holidays.

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