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A Complete Guide to Manufactured Home Prices

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When it comes to affordable living, many people are looking to manufactured homes. They typically cost less to produce and build.

Perhaps one of the coolest aspects of mobile homes is that they’re also extremely customizable. Those who are concerned about living in a cookie cutter home may be surprised to know how deeply they can customize their manufactured home to their unique tastes.

Understandably, before anyone takes the dive to purchase a manufactured home, they may be curious to know “how much does a mobile home cost?” This article will look at new mobile home prices and offer a comprehensive guide to price listings so you know what to expect.

Why Do Manufactured Homes Cost Less?

You may be wondering how much a mobile home costs and why it’s so low compared to a standard home. There are quite a few different reasons as to why a manufactured home can be cheaper than other versions of homes. For one, the manufacturer typically buys their building materials in bulk. When they do so, the price of those items is typically cheaper than it is for those who only buy what they need for a single project. The manufacturer is mass-producing these homes, unlike other building companies. As such, they can order a ton of building materials and reduce the overall cost for their customers.

Another reason that mobile home prices are so low is that the manufacturer typically uses an assembly line to construct the home. The use of an assembly line is more efficient than just a bunch of builders climbing all over the place in an unorganized manner. Each part has its place and the assembly line sees that the home is produced swiftly, efficiently, and without mistakes.

The Absence of Weather Delays

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that the cost is so low, too, is that the assembly of the home occurs indoors. Other homes have to be constructed on-site and are subject to the weather. This can create weather delays that can drive the cost up since equipment has to be rented again and workers have to be paid an additional day or two. Since manufactured homes are built inside of a building, they are not subjected to poor weather. There are no delays and so the home is kept on schedule.

There are other factors that can affect the price of a mobile home, too. Property taxes on modular homes are typically smaller than other homes. Mortgages are also easier to achieve for homeowners of modular homes in Texas.

New Mobile Home Prices By Type

There are three main types of modular homes. Mobile home prices are subject to the size of those homes. Obviously, the larger the home is, the pricier it is going to be. Also, these are the base prices. There will be additional costs for customization and preparing the building site where the home will be brought to. Some companies also charge a transport fee. In terms of manufactured home prices at their base level, however, they are as follows according to the year 2018.

  • Single Wides: In January, the cost was $59,400 and in February, the cost was $53,900.
  • Double Wides: In January, the cost was $114,200, and in February, the cost was $100,600.
  • Triple/Multi Wides: The average price rests around $80,000-$160,000.

A single wide describes a home that is 500 to 1200 square feet. These modular homes Texas typically feature one to two bedrooms and also one to two bathrooms.

A double wide is a home with 1000 to 2200 square feet. It typically consists of two to three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Finally, a triple wide, or a multi-wide, is a home that is 2000 square feet or larger. It can have three bedrooms or more and two bathrooms or more.

Seasonal Prices

Manufactured homes prices are different dependent upon the season. In Texas, the cheapest time to buy a manufactured home is generally in the winter. This is because fewer people are looking to buy a home during the winter. As a result, there are fewer people buying from a manufacturing company and they need to lower their prices in order to remain competitive.

During the winter, the average cost of manufactured homes in winter are:

  • Single Wide: $45,800 – $49,400
  • Double Wide: $99,400 – $107,100
  • Triple/Multi Wide: $89,800 – $168,000+

Prices are a bit steeper in the summer. This is because there are more people looking for a home to buy. With the demand high, suppliers are typically able to sell at their preferred price.

During the summer, the average cost of manufactured homes in summer are:

  • Single Wide: $46,600 – $51,700
  • Double Wide: $116,700 – $125,000
  • Triple/Multi Wide: $95,600 – $168,000+

It should also be noted that are other costs to consider. These may be more expensive or cheaper depending upon the season, too. Additional charges like utility hookups, transport fees, taxes, additional customization charges, foundation construction, site preparation, and labor costs should all be factored into your budget. During the winter, there may need to be more or less work performed to prepare the site for the arrival of the home. Delivery fees may also be more expensive in the winter. To understand the details, you should speak with the manufacturer themselves to ensure that you receive the best deal possible.

Owning Your Own Manufactured Home

Overall, manufactured homes prices are considerably lower than that of a standard home that is built on-site. They’re also typically made a lot faster, too. While each home is individual, it typically only takes four to six weeks for the home to be made. For those homeowners who are looking to receive the best deal possible on their home, you should try to purchase a manufactured home during the winter season.

By adding just a bit of customization, your mobile home can fit perfectly with your personality without requiring a huge monthly mortgage payment. If you’re interested in purchasing your own manufactured home, contact Palm Harbor Homes!

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