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What are the Best Types of Manufactured Home Foundations?

manufactured home foundation

Now that you’ve found the perfect manufactured home, there are decisions that need to be made about the type of foundation. Many areas have regulations and local building codes that might determine the type of foundations allowed. Depending on where you are setting up, budget, and the type of soil, you will have four main options.

Most popular – Pier and ground anchor support

One of the most common types of foundation for a manufactured home is a pier and ground anchor system. These work in a variety of soil types and can be put into place quickly. Piers, usually made of steel jack stands or masonry bricks, are placed under the main beams in each section of the home. Anchors or steel straps are used to secure the home’s frame to the piers. These may need to be tightened occasionally.

If you need to get your home set up quickly, the pier and anchor can usually be accomplished in one day. Once the home is secure, you can move to the next portion of the project including setting up the utilities.

Easy access and extra storage – Crawl space systems

Creating a crawl space foundation is similar to the pier and anchor except the crawl space includes excavated footings to not only give more space but a stronger structure. The home can sit several feet off the ground providing extra storage and sometimes a better view. This system is a little more expensive and takes a little longer than the pier and slab foundations. It’s usually built before the house is set and the concrete needs to cure and be ready to support the home.

If you don’t want the expense of a basement foundation, but you need some extra storage space, a crawl space foundation is a perfect option.

Affordable and simple – Slabs on grade foundations

When moving into a manufactured home community, slab foundations are usually provided and are cost-efficient. The concrete base is as large as the home and there is a small crawl space beneath. Homes are anchored to the concrete and provide structural support, but the slab is not the floor of the home.

This type of foundation is perfect if your lot is level and you don’t need a large amount of space underneath the home. The concrete can be insulated and is easy to keep clean and dry.

More living space – a Basement foundation

Many homeowners enjoy the convenience of extra living space and a manufactured home can be set up on a basement foundation. The walls of the basement support structure can be built partially above ground. This type of foundation is more expensive and is sometimes difficult to install. Once the basement structure is built, it might require a crane to set the home in place.

If you have a sloped lot, a basement foundation is perfect to add space to your home. You might be able to create a walkout basement into your backyard to combine indoor and outdoor entertainment space.

It’s exciting to buy a home and create a fun space for family and friends to gather. Take some time to research your foundation options and find the one that meets your needs and the regulations of your state and community. Once you have chosen the perfect manufactured home foundation, contact Palm Harbor Homes!

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