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How To Prepare Your New Home For Thanksgiving

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If you have moved into a new modular or mobile home, then it is essential to prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday in advance. One of the best things about modern mobile and modular homes is that many of these items have built-in storage systems such as cabinets, drawers and bookshelves, making it easier to entertain overnight guests. However, when you are expecting numerous guests for Thanksgiving, you have a challenge ahead, especially if the relatives and friends plan to stay in your home for several days. Here are some tips for organizing your home for the holidays.

Organize Your New Home’s Kitchen Cupboards

During the Thanksgiving holiday, you will prepare a lot of food, so you should organize your kitchen, especially the cupboards. Place glassware near the kitchen sink or refrigerator so that you and your guests can enjoy beverages quickly. Organize your foodstuffs so that it is faster to cook meals or prepare snacks. You might want to have a cupboard that is dedicated to baked goods with canisters of sugar and flour along with mixing bowls or baking sheets. Use a different cupboard for canned goods, making sure to sort containers by type such as canned vegetables and fruits so that you won’t duplicate purchases at the supermarket.

Empty a Closet For Guests’ Coats and Clothing

If you have filled the closets of your modular or mobile home with boxes from new appliances or electronics, then get rid of these items to make room for your guests’ clothing and coats. When you don’t have enough closets or built-in drawers, you can buy chest of drawers or freestanding metal clothing racks on wheels.

Stock Up On Supplies

An important aspect of preparing for Thanksgiving is stocking up on supplies such as paper towels, soap and bathroom tissue. By buying a lot of these items, you won’t need to shop at a busy store during the holiday season. You may need to store these items underneath beds or in other odd locations, but you will be glad that you have these extra supplies.

Create Places To Sleep

When you buy couches and chairs for your mobile or modular home, make sure to buy furniture that converts into a bed. You can also buy foldable cots and sleeping bags to use for your guests. If you don’t have enough bedding, then ask your guests to bring along extra blankets and sheets.

Organize Ahead Of Time and Plan Fun Thanksgiving Day Activities

Don’t wait until the day before Thanksgiving to get organized for the holiday. Begin at least three weeks in advance by shopping for the things that you need along with organizing your home and cleaning its surfaces. Remember that your family will want to do something besides eat, so you should plan some fun activities such as visiting a local park, playing board games or going to a movie at a theater.
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