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How To Move A Mobile Home

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Moving a modular home can be a tricky process. We at Palm Harbor homes have the delivery process down to an art. If you are looking to move your modular home from one location to another, follow these steps to both prepare and execute a safe move.

Moving a Modular Home Cost

Moving your modular home can get pricey depending on how far you’re planning to move. It takes a lot to tow a large home across the country, but if your home has to be moved you will be looking at around 5,000 dollars for moves around 100 miles.

Not all moving companies will charge the same, so shop around and get as many quotes as you can to get the best price.

Find A Mover

When looking for a modular home mover find someone with a nice setup, who also has years of experience, and has the team to get the job done right. A movers rig is important because depending on where your modular home sits, it is essential to get a powerful truck that is available at turning tight corners and has tons of pulling capacity.

A mover with years of experience will know the laws and practices that will ensure your home gets to the destination safely. Some roads are not suitable for a modular home to travel on, while other routes have low bridges and tight corners. A veteran mover will have all of the knowledge and skills needed to get the job done right.

The crew is also an important part of the move because when it comes to prepping and setting up your modular home for the move, you need it to be done right. You home will have to be secured down and put onto its axles for travel. This process could take awhile, and it is more than a two-man job, so make sure you pick a mover with an adequate team of professionals.

Remove all Furniture

Your home will have to be cleared out before the move. Furniture will add a lot of weight and will cause safety issues. It may seem fine to leave your furniture in a mobile home if it is being moved with it, but the moving crew will be subject to a heavier load and shifting weight. The axles and tires on the modular home are rated for a specific weight, and adding any more weight to your home will deem it unsafe.

Remover Belongings

Any belongings will need to be removed from the home before the move. Some basic items like blankets and clothing that do not carry much weight and will not be harmed during the move can stay. Anything that is fragile should be removed from your home for the duration of the move. During the travel, everything stored inside your home will move around and shift.

Remover Mobile home Skirting

The skirting on your modular home is the shielding that protects the foundation and resting point of your modular home. The shielding is what is installed after the home is leveled and prevents from damage underneath your modular home. This shielding will have to be removed and stored somewhere for the move.

Sometimes you can fit the skirting on the inside of your home during the transport. Once the shielding is removed, you will be able to access the other components and finishes the other steps that need to be done below your home.

Remove Utility Connections

The utility connections like water, sewer, gas, and electric should all be removed before the move. The utility hookups are sometimes under the home and occasionally on the side of the home. You will need to seal the caps of the utilities and ensure that you are in contact with the service companies about shutting off the various lines.

The power hookup may need to be handled by the energy provider, so call them before hand. The water line can be shut off at the source and then capped off at the connection.The gas line should also be shut off by the service provider to ensure that no leaks occur.

Move Home Onto Axles

When your modular home was set up, it was moved off of the axles and onto leveling blocks. The blocks ensure that the home is flat and safe. Before the home is moved the home will have to be put back onto the axles.

The wheels may have to be serviced before this step. Depending on how long the modular home was sitting, the tires may have gone flat or rusted. Make sure that the axles, wheels, and tires are secured and in working order before dropping the home onto them.

Tie Down And Secure Anything Loose

The outside of your home should be inspected for any loose siding and other unsecured areas. During the move your home will be subject to high winds and extra stress will be put on pieces of your home. You will want to check that the following are secure.

  • Window planters
  • Shutters
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Roof Flashing

If you are considering moving but have not yet made up your mind, you can also look through used and move in ready modular home listings to see if there is anything in your area.

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