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How Can I Move my Mobile Home?

People preparing a mobile home to be moved

Mobile homes are called such because of their ability to be moved onto a location already built, and for their ability to be moved from one place to another if necessary. It’s always important to do your math before committing to meet the costs of a new home. These days, people have started to realize the advantage of acquiring mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes. After mobile homes are built, they’re usually mounted on a wheel chassis, which makes it easy to transport them to another location.

Moving a mobile home is definitely not a DIY task, and preparing everything beforehand is important if you intend to move them with little or no damages. Here are some tips to help you prepare to move your home safely to a new location.

What You Should Know Before Moving Your Mobile Home

One of the questions that people ask when they want to move their mobile home is: what should I know before starting my move? Before starting the move, it’s a good idea for a homeowner to have settled a land lease for their mobile home park. A land lease is a financial agreement which allows the ground under a structure to be leased, instead of sold, and let’s the land and structure be owned separately.

Depending on your locality there may be restrictions for how to move the unit or when. Also, you might have to notify your home manufacturer before the real day for moving. Remember to also check with your municipality to check whether they will require transport permits and, or any other fees. Before the moving day, ask your municipality how much a permit to move a mobile home is.

Make Sure to Turn Off the Utility and Remove Skirting

It’s not a good idea to just hook the mobile home to a tractor. It’s important you make sure that before the moving day, the utility shut off is coordinated with your electricity provider company. You might have to hire a qualified person to disconnect your utilities if you’re not sure how to do it yourself. Make sure to remove any skirting around your manufactured home, be sure not to cause damage to the tract that affixes it too.

Try to Remove Excess Weight from the Interior of the Mobile Home

Homes have things that can get shaken loose and break during transportation. Make sure to properly secure any items that may shake loose during travel. It’s also important to make sure that any lighting made of glass is removed. Medicine cabinets, closets, and showers should be tightly fastened too. While moving, the stress of the weight can be hard on your home, so removing any furnishings that may add onto unnecessary weight helps the process go smoother.

Remove Any Exterior Attachments on the Mobile Home

The electronics and appliances attached to the outside of your mobile home are also at risk of being damaged by the wind and movement. Satellites, television aerials, porch lightings, etc. should be removed in advance. Have a professional cut the home loose from the ground and perform other tasks such as jacking, attaching the wheels and transport tongue, and fastening any loose sidings properly if you are not sure how to perform these tasks yourself.

Hire Professional Movers

Do your research on moving a mobile home to get a reputable moving company who will ensure the home is safely transported. Mistakes can happen, so finding a company that is licensed and insured is important for safe mobile home transport.

If you have any questions about mobile homes or are looking to upgrade to a newer, more modern mobile home, contact Palm Harbor today! We offer beautiful, durable homes and are committed to helping you find the best quality mobile home for your family.

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