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Double Wide vs. Single Wide Homes

3-d mock up and plans of a double wide and single wide modular home

If you’re considering buying a manufactured or modular home in Texas, you may be having a hard time deciding between a single wide and double wide home. The double wide vs. single wide debate ultimately ends as a personal decision, but there are five key points to consider as you shop around for your new home.


The main difference between a single wide and double wide home is the amount of floor space. The typical single wide home is about 15 feet wide by 72 feet long; floor space ranges from 400 to 1,400 square feet. Double wides are larger, typically measuring 26 feet wide by 56 feet long. A double wide can be anywhere from 1,100 to a spacious 2,400 square feet.


Both a single wide and a double wide can be moved to your lot on a trailer, but a single wide is easier to pick up and move if you ever need to relocate. A double wide, as the name suggests, is a home that comes in two halves, and each half requires its own trailer to move. Separating the two halves for a relocation is much more difficult than moving a single wide home.


A double wide home will require a bit more space than a single wide, depending on its dimensions, but both can be situated on land you either rent or own. If you rent, make sure you consider the possibility of having to move the home later on. A double wide is considerably heavier which may require for a more sturdy foundation.


Since they are smaller, single wide homes will cost less than double wide homes; however, prices will vary depending on the features you choose — today’s manufactured homes are notably upscale. Consider also the cost of transportation: You’ll need to account for two trailers to move a double wide to your site, so be prepared to budget for a more expensive move.

Floor Plan

A traditional single wide home has fewer options for the layout of rooms because the shape is long and narrow. A double wide, on the other hand, can be configured in more ways and tends to look and feel more like a site-built home. Modern modular homes offer more floor plan options than ever before; research several plans to decide which works best for your lifestyle.

The ultimate answer to the old double wide vs single wide matchup depends on your budget, style, and goals. As you research your options you know one thing’s for certain: You’ll be amazed at just how far today’s manufactured homes have come. Contact Palm Harbor Homes of Texas today and we will find your dream home!

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