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How Much Does it Cost to Move a Mobile Home?

cost to move a mobile home

If you think it’s difficult and is a high cost to move a mobile home, then think again. Your mobile home is like a turtle that always carries its own house. In this age where everything is instant and disposable, there’s something admirable about wanting to take your house with you wherever you decide to go.

The cost to move a mobile home varies significantly and can be a pretty massive undertaking. However, it can be done in a straightforward process. The cost to move your mobile home to a new location hinges primarily on the distance to be traversed, the size of the unit, the weight of the unit, the age of the unit, the permits, the set-up or installation, and the moving materials. There are standards in place for your protection as the homeowner so fret not.


Moving a new mobile home unit to its final destination includes transportation from the factory to the site. Or it can be simply moving your beloved old unit to a new location. In most cases, there is a fixed radius of about 100 miles. Anything further than that, then the homeowner is responsible for any additional cost expenses incurred. More miles mean more gas consumed, longer use of equipment, and possibly more manpower. Costs pile up depending on your circumstances.

Short distances can cost anywhere from a thousand bucks to $5,000. Longer distances can cost as high as $15,000. Industry standards have rates pegged at $5-$10 a mile. These prices also factor in, not just the actual move but installation of the home mobile units, as well. There are permits to secure and utilities to set up at the final destination site. All these incidental costs incurred are included in the moving price.

Size of Unit

Of course, the bigger the mobile home unit is, then expect the more expensive it will be to move it. There is a vast difference between a single wide unit when compared with a double wide unit. There are more materials to dismantle, more time needed, and more labor needed in dealing with the bigger one to set it back up again.

That being said, the cost of manufactured homes installed in a new location is always worth the extra mile. Owning a mobile home is still cheaper than having a brand new house made within a piece of your own land. And of course, it goes without saying, that a home built on fixed property can never move with you. So if you love every inch of your house and are the sentimental sort, the mobile home is a perfect choice.

Age of Mobile Unit

How old can a mobile home be to move it? Noteworthy some moving companies have enforced this policy wherein they refuse to touch any mobile home more than 20 years of age. Why? Simply because others feel that something that old will be more fragile and less sturdy; thus, requiring more attention as it can be easily damaged.

For other movers, however, they have not imposed a limit with regards to the age of a mobile unit. As long as they deem the unit as structurally sound, they’ll take the pains to move it for you. You can rest easy because your mobile home needs to pass a thorough inspection before you move in. To note, the inspection process and securing the necessary permits are also added expenses.

One advantage of an older unit, though, is that it weighs less. Older mobile homes weigh between 35 to 40 lbs per square foot, while newer ones tend to weigh 10 pounds more than that. The heavier your mobile home, the more expensive it will costs. More equipment, materials, and people that are needed cost more money.

Moving Materials

Just like any other move, there are a set of tools and supplies needed to make it happen. It can include levers, tow hitches, tires, and the like. Of course, it goes without saying, that moving a mobile home requires plenty of moving materials. Before your big move, be sure to ask the moving company for a thorough break down of these costs.

These are the things you have to keep in mind when it comes to moving your mobile home unit. Fear not! Don’t be overwhelmed by the details because moving a mobile house has been consistently done over the years. With the right amount of planning and set-up, making the big move will be even pleasurable. After all, the potential of living in a new location is always exciting.

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