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Buying Land Checklist

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Choosing the Right Location for Your Modular Home

When looking for land to place your modular home, numerous considerations are important. This basic buying land checklist helps you ensure all the details are covered as you shop for a great deal on a prime location.

Make Sure You Can Put a Modular Home on the Land

Some of the first things you need to consider are whether you can get the modular home onto the land and whether it will sit appropriately in a good location. For instance, you should make sure there is a road wide enough to transport your modular home.

You should also find out whether the property has a driveway and a level area for your foundation or pillars. If there isn’t an adequate place for your foundation, you may need to spend more money having a contractor level land for you.

Finally, you need to know whether zoning laws will let you place a modular home on the property. If you place your modular home on land where zoning laws forbid it, you might have to move the house to another property. That can take a lot of hard work and money.

Find Out Whether the Location Meet Your Needs

Once you determine that you can legally and physically place a home on the property, take some time to consider the needs of you and your family. Consider both today’s needs and the needs of the future.

Research the school district to decide whether your kids will receive a good education at the local options. Find out whether the property already has utility hookups, or whether you will you have to install special equipment or new lines to access water, sewage, electricity, and fuel.

You might want to also inquire about cell phone coverage and internet service in the area.

Know How Much the Land Costs

If a location meets all the other requirements on your buying land checklist, it’s time to weigh the costs. Obviously, you have to be certain the price of the land is within your budget, but don’t ignore additional costs, such as the expense of putting in a septic tank if necessary.

Property taxes and insurance are also costs you’ll need to consider. Find out about the assessed value of the property and whether it is in a flood zone, which would require more expensive flood insurance.

By following this checklist before you put an offer in on a property, you help ensure a less stressful modular home move.

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