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Palm Harbor Homes Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

A mobile home affected by Hurricane Harvey, covered mostly with large tarp to protect from rainfall.

Palm Harbor Homes is here to help you rebuild after the recent hurricane disaster. We know how important it is to get your family safe, affordable shelter quickly! We have homes available now that are disaster proven and have weathered…

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How to Clean Up Flood Damage in a Home

A flooded room with a submerged couch and some boxes.

Severe flooding has affected many homes in Texas. Homeowners are struggling with the loss and contemplating of what to do next. Flooding water has left disastrous results to homeowners making them confused on what to do concerning cleanup, safety and…

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The Advantages of Buying Lots of Land for Homebuilding

A lot of land in Texas for building manufactured homes.

When you're in the market for purchasing a home, before you call up a real estate agent, it might be good to consider building. With manufactured homes, you can have a house delivered and built on your land within a…

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What is Modular Home Skirting?

Modular home with skirting

Modular homes usually set on top of cement blocks leaving the underneath of the home exposed to the elements. Modular home skirting are sheets of lightweight aluminum or tin designed to protect underneath your home from the elements.

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