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Advantages Of Buying A Modular Home Over Building A New Home

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Modular homes have evolved significantly over the years. They’re not the same cookie-cutter simple designs that existed years ago. Modular homes offer a way for individuals to finally own their home without worrying about the burdens and struggles that come with having a custom-built home. Consider the following reasons to buy a modular home instead of hiring a contractor to build one according to your custom design plan.

Design Flexibility

A modular home can be customized to how you want it. Long gone are the days of four walls nailed together. There are numerous designs to choose from ranging from traditional looks to more modern and updated plans. You’ll be surprised by the planning and design concepts that have gone into developing these plans, and with the variety, you’re sure to find something to meet your needs from the pre-designed plans created by the company.

Faster construction time

Modular homes are easier to put together than a stick-built house. A builder must order supplies from various suppliers which need to arrive at the building site. There may be a delay in the transportation or complication in getting the materials from point A to point B. Modular homes are built by the manufacturer where there is an abundance of materials to complete the project from start to finish without going through third-party supplier issues with delivery.

Strict quality control standards

Modular homes are made in a factory on an assembly line. They’re constructed indoors and required to conform to strict quality control standards. A stick-built home needs to be built on the land where the home is going. Some builders don’t have control or adequately protect materials against the elements including rain, wind, and snow leading to deterioration in the future. This can lead to problems not known until years later when you begin to experience the effects of poor building.

Adhere to required building codes

You’re getting a quality home when you purchase modular because the homes are designed to meet stringent building codes for stability, safety, and prolonged durability. There are standards for the design, construction, and installation of homes designed to protect you. They are thoroughly inspected before and after installation to give you peace of mind that everything is done properly.

Environmentally friendly with less waste

Most homes are built with energy-efficient features. This includes using high-quality insulation and windows that are Energy Star certified. You’ll see savings in your utility bills as it costs less to heat and cool your home. Using less electric and methods of heating such as gas or propane are better for the environment as well. Fewer materials are used when constructing a modular home than when building on-site.

Consider purchasing a modular home instead of building one. You’ll save yourself time and frustration and be pleasantly surprised with the selection available to you. An option you might not have considered previously can finally be the answer to your dream of finding the perfect home.

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