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Neither of Us Had to Lift a Finger

To all our friends at Palm Harbor Homes, Austin Highway in San Antonio:

What started as a casual visit to look at floor plans, has ended in a beautiful home on a fantastic piece of property out in the Canyon Lake TX. From the moment we decided to buy the house, the word ,”turnkey”, took on a whole new meaning for us. While it started with a battle between the homeowners association building committee that took a gut wrenching 19 days, our housing consultant went to bat for us and presented all the plans for the home, and educated all the folks on what a “modular” home is. Our housing consultant and his staff had already been out to the property to assess where the home would be placed and were ready to roll when the approval came.

At every step during its construction, Ron kept us advised on what was happening and what the plans were for the coming week. Neither of us had to lift a finger during the entire process other than to let our housing consultant and his contractors know what certain refinements in the process were. As for the contractors Palm Harbor Homes chose for things like finishing, septic, cleaning, etc., all were absolutely first class and attentive to all our requests.

As with every home there is paperwork, paperwork, and more paperwork. Our sincere thanks go to their home office manager for all her help with getting through all that. At every turn of the process, nothing but first class people and first class service.

As we sit here among all the boxes we still have to unpack, we reflect on the event of the past several months and know that a simple “thank you” will never be enough to reflect our appreciation to the staff and contractors at Palm Harbor Homes who made this dream home come true for us, so as soon as it is practical we will be inviting their staff and everyone else involved, out to the house that Palm Harbor built for us for a BBQ so all of you can see the finished product up close and personal, and so that Nancy and I can once again express our sincere thanks for all you have done for us with our manufactured home purchase.

-Pete & Nancy
Fischer, TX

Our Forever Home

They were all so nice and we couldn’t help but feel right at home in their presence. We were not pressured or hassled and the whole experience was actually easy and fun. They helped us find exactly the quality home that fit us. Our housing person even took the time to take us to a Palm Harbor home center in another town to view a home that we later decided would be the home we would order.

We have now lived in our home 1 ½ months and we are so happy with our home. We have gotten so many compliments on it. We even had some of our good friends who were in the market for a new mobile home come look at our home and chose to go with Palm Harbor and the same model home as ours.

In buying a Palm Harbor home compared to building a home we got more bang for our buck and just as good of a home as a site built home. Also talk about service after the sale! We can’t say enough how pleased we are about the whole process and home. Thank you so very much,Palm Harbor Village San Antonio on Austin Hwy. You have met and surpassed all our expectations and we are very pleased in trusting you all with the task of helping us find our forever home.

Thank You, Palm Harbor Homes!

Thanks to the San Antonio sales team and everyone at Palm Harbor for making our home buying experience a pleasant one!

We appreciate the time everyone took to answer all our questions. We really felt like everyone really cared.We look forward to enjoying our new home.It’s great that we can proudly tell everyone that we own a Palm Harbor home.

Stronger Than a Texas Tornado

We bought our Palm Harbor home 6 years ago. The home we purchased was the ‘Gotham’ and we were one of the first to purchase this triple-wide in this area. I would just like to say that the home is so well built it withstood a SEVERE SHAKING from a TORNADO that hovered over it for about 2 to 3 minutes.

The soundness of the home is a testimony to Palm Harbor construction and durability. We know the tornado hovered over it because wind directions circled the home picking up exterior decks and fencing, tossing them effortlessly in different directions between the front and back of the mobile home.

But our family was SAFE inside. There was no damage to the home itself other than shingles and underpinning. We were worried that after the severe shaking it endured, perhaps one or more of the three sections might have been jolted loose. But after the insurance company inspected everything, the structural content of the home is intact. The photo shows how little damage we received… shingles, fencing. Such little things compared to what could have happened.

Thanks Palm Harbor Homes!

Gracias from Mr. and Mrs. M

Dear Friends at Palm Harbor Homes – San Antonio,

Thank you! Our housing consultant was so patient in dealing with elderly customers like us. He is also very kind and very detailed with our entire home buying process. Everyone there at Palm Harbor Homes was very friendly and attentive. The part that we also liked was that we were able to do our entire closing in Spanish even the home loan!

The Home We Wanted… Delivered Fast!

I write this letter for a special recognition to Palm Harbor Homes. My wife and I were looking for a specific home to suit our needs. When we presented our needs to our housing consultant, it seemed to be a little far fetched to be accomplished. Within a weeks time, he contacted us and said “We found your home; it’s exactly what you were looking for… come and see the house.” We immediately went and just the way we described it to him, with all our needs and details, there it was in front of us. We immediately went through all the necessary documentation and were pleased to have our home within a few weeks.

Our housing consultant’s attitude was outstanding. He went above and beyond the call of duty catering to our every need. I believe we inundated him with questions and concerns and he gladly responded with a sincere and grateful attitude. His professionalism was evident from the beginning to end of our contract. Furthermore, it has been four weeks since our home was delivered and he still takes the time to call and see if everything is satisfactory and pleasing. He treated us like family and not just another customer. I would expect that this young man be noted and recognized for his profound professionalism that truly made the difference in me becoming a repeat home customer.

Thank you,
R. & M. Garcia

My Perfect Texas Home!

Thank you for the wonderful job that you did in finding me the house.

The job that I have (Aircraft Modification) does not allow me the time to go look and shop for many things and a house being one of them. That is why I asked you to go find me what I wanted and in the price range that I could afford, you did and I now have the perfect place to call home.

PLUS, the big shocker was when I found out how much money I have spent in rent just since I have lived in Texas the last four years, that is not including the previous places I have lived in the last 25 years.

Thanks again for being so patient with me in my MANY times of indecision, should I or should I not buy, maybe I should just write out another rent check??????? Duh!

Palm Harbor made it so easy and again many thanks to you and the staff at SW Loop 410.

I Gladly Recommend Palm Harbor Homes Boerne Texas!

Dear Palm Harbor Homes CEO,

I am in the process of relocating to Texas and was seeking a modular home to place on land I had purchased. As an educated consumer, I reasearched several modular manufactures as well as compared them to homes by local custom home builders.

On a Sunday afternoon I came to the Boerne sales center without an appointment. I was met by a wonderful sales professional who spent a great deal of time determining my exact wants and needs. I made an appointment to return the following day. I arrived late in the afternoon and began the process of fine tuning the plans. This caused the sales professional, the location sales manager and the location general manager to work late. I offered to return in the morning,. Your team would not hear of it. They were available as long as it took to get things exactly right. And the next day they went to my land in order to insure that everything would be EXACTLY as we planned. This dedication to customer service and commitment to excellence was a clear example that I was working with true professionals.

As a leader of human effort, I am very critical of organizations that lack training or professionalism. However, I am pleased with the work done by Discovery Homes on my modular home. Further, I am impressed by the level of training and professionalism I saw at the Boerne location. As a World Trade Center survivor, the dedication, level of training and motivation of your team reminded me of the FDNY.

I gladly recommend the Boerne location to anyone who is considering a top quality home and truly professional sales center.

Phillip L.

No More Landlords…. for Less Than Our Rent!

How do we find the words to thank you all for making this happen so quickly? It was exactly 30 days ago that we met your team and started on the journey toward owning our own home.Today we have been IN our home for two weeks! Just think, no more landlords that do not answer maintenance calls or return telephone calls and no more loud neighbors and second floor renters jumping up and down overhead. It is OUR home, and our house payments (even when escrow starts next year) are less than our monthly rent was.

We cannot thank everyone enough… the Boerne crew, along with the set up crew, our Gold Key technician and that wonderful talented man that built our decks, installed and painted our skirting, all the time dodging the drenching rain that fell for three days. You took the time to let us make our own decisions and to answer the same questions over and over. You made everything easy to understand and that made our decision to purchase the home stress free.

Palm Harbor Homes made it possible for us to own our own home. All we had to do was move the love in.

Thank you again-
Steve & Sandra

Relaxing at the Lake

“I wanted to take a minute to let you know how things are going at ‘Pleasant Retreat.’ (Yes, I named my new Palm Harbor home. It’s a Texas thing!) We have already started to enjoy our new home away from home at the lake. Thank you for referring me to that location. We plan on spending every available weekend there fishing, relaxing on the porch and enjoying our new home.

The home arrived exactly as scheduled. The driver called us when he departed the factory and when he was about half an hour away from the set-up location. We arrived in time to watch. I still can’t believe that he was able to maneuver the home down the narrow, curvy roads and then between all of our cedar trees without having to lose a single tree.

The service technician did an excellent job finishing the trim work and getting everything ready for us to move in. I have no complaints.

You made the entire process hassle free. The low-key sales approach was refreshing, and I appreciate all of the time you took answering my many questions. I checked out several companies in the San Antonio/Boerne area, and I am confident that I selected the BEST. I would be happy to recommend a Palm Harbor home to anyone.

Melissa G.

What a Smooth and Enjoyable Experience!

Less than 6 months ago we never imagined we would be where we are today, and we owe it all to you and the great people that have helped with getting us in the perfect house for our family! We walked into your Boerne TX office not really sure what we wanted and if we were ever going to be able to get it. Even when we left we were still not sure. Then we received a call from you, and we started on this journey together. And it has been a journey, but one that I really felt that you were in with us and not just a salesman trying to make a sale. And to this day, you take the time to check with us to make sure we are happy and that we are taken care of and that makes such a difference when it is such a huge purchase.

It has really been great working with everyone in the Boerne office, they have always been totally committed to making this experience a smooth and enjoyable one and truly worked so hard to get us the custom modular home we wanted.

Thank you and everyone involved!
Rob, Connie & Kassidy

Thank You for Our Beautiful Home!

Thanks for helping us into our new home. Our family couldn’t be any happier than we are to have experienced buying our new home. You made this an easy process by keeping in contact with us and saving the headache of searching for the right home.

My husband and I and our children were living in a two-bedroom home and one bath. This home had a leaky roof, a shower leak and was too small to fit six people. We tried looking for other rental properties but with so many homes going high on price and not looking so pleasant, we were forced to look into buying a home.

Your sales team was fast in processing the paperwork and giving estimates on how much we could look at in buying a home. They pointed out Altwein Estates when we couldn’t decide on a lot for a singlewide. The moment my husband and I saw the home, we knew it was the one. You saved us the long headache, wait and stress we would have experienced somewhere else.

I am very thankful to all the staff that has helped in this experience. Everyone at the Seguin office was friendly and courteous to anyone who walked in the door. With such great experience, I will forward anyone I know to Palm Harbor in Seguin when looking into buying a home.

The S. Family

Great Customer Service!

We have been coming to the “Valley” since 1978 on vacations to visit my in-laws who were “Winter Texans”. When it came time for us to retire and go to a warmer climate for the brutal Midwest winters; it was a “no brainer” – the Texas Valley.

During our annual winter stay in December of 2008, I was told that I could no longer do Iowa winters and that it would be in my best interest to move to a warmer climate. There again, a “no brainer” – the Texas Valley. Having lived all our lives in a house, we knew we wanted something with less maintenance. We decided that a manufactured home might be our answer, as long as we could own our own lot.

The other dealerships made us feel as if we were trying to buy a “used car” or did not want to wait on us at all. But not your dealership in Donna, Texas. We were greeted warmly and made to feel welcome. They answered all of our questions (even the dumb ones) and they knew that we could not do anything until we sold our house in Iowa.

In June we sold our house and called our housing consultant giving him the good news. He knew which home we were interested in and corresponded via email and phone working out the details. We arrived in the valley around July 21 and shortly thereafter, I became ill and was hospitalized. My husband went and talked to our housing consultant, explaining that it was imperative that we get moved in as soon as possible. He got on the phone making the calls to make it happen. Within 3 days, the house was skirted, and all the utilities were connected, and your factory had made their adjustments making it possible for us to move in. I would say that Palm Harbor went above and beyond our expectations.

Shortly after the house was set, I received a phone call from the office manager, checking to make sure that everything was going properly and if I had any questions and that I should feel free to call her at any time and that she was there to help in a any ways she could. This is a service which when you buy a new house from a realtor, you do not have.

Having been in our home, for a little over a month now, I can also see the quality throughout. From the cherry cabinets down to the spacious master bath, it is quality workmanship. Words cannot express how good our experience has been with Palm Harbor in Donna, Texas, not to mention how the manager and his staff made this such a positive for us. I would recommend anyone looking for a new home; take a very long hard look at this Palm Harbor dealership.

Gerry & Jackie
Mission, TX

Thanks Donna TX Team!

I would like to thank the TEAM at Palm Harbor Homes for such fantastic service. They made this shopping experience one to remember; from the moment we walked in we got the most professional service anyone could ask for. Palm Harbor Homes does indeed hire, and train the finest quality people out there. Thank you Palm Harbor Homes Donna Texas for all that you have done, and thank you for following through on everything you said you would do.

Mr. & Mrs. C.,
Donna, TX

Our Palm Harbor Stood Up to Dolly!

Dear Palm Harbor Homes:

I just wanted to write you a letter to tell you of our experience with Hurricane Dolly that battered our neighborhood on July 23. Our Palm Harbor stood up extremely well losing only some skirting and roof shingles. Other homes in the areas were not as fortunate. Many homes lost their entire roofs and as a result had extreme water damage.

Our electricity and phone service was out for several days. We called Standard Casualty Insurance on Sunday morning to report our damage and on Monday morning the adjuster arrived, took photos and discussed our situation. He called me Tuesday to let me know that everything will be taken care of!

We are truly satisfied with our Palm Harbor Home and really glad they build such a great home. Standard Casualty Insurance responded so quickly to our needs and helped us through the claims process.

Thank you!
The Mares Family

A Pleasure from Start to Finish!

Hi -to the Great Sales Team in Corpus Christi Texas:

I want to let you know that we are so very pleased with our new home. It turned out even better than we had imagined.

Our service technician was over here twice to fix the normal little kinks associated with any new home. He is knowledgeable and quick to provide us with great customer service after the sale – something we expected to be difficult. Your set up crew did an excellent job setting up our home. The Corpus office team has been very accommodating in working out the final small steps required by the bank. Everyone we worked with at Palm Harbor Homes in Corpus Christi TX has made it an absolute pleasure to purchase this mobile home, from start to finish.

Thank you!
-Wes & Barbara H.

This is where they shined!

From the moment we stepped into the Buda Texas sales center they treated us as we were family and handled our cares and dreams with the utmost respect and dignity. Because of past credit problems, we had some pretty difficult obstacles to hurdle. This is where they shined! My home consultant kept her eye on the goal the entire time. Her hard work and perseverance played such a major role in us finally getting a home of our own. It was obvious she sincerely wanted this for us as much as we wanted it for ourselves.

I would recommend Palm Harbor Homes in Buda TX to ANYONE wanting a positive experience buying a home.

The Scober Family,
Buda, TX

Thank you for all you have done for us!

We just wanted to say thank you for helping us purchase our new home! The Buda office helped us through the whole process and kept us updated the whole time. The housing consultant was always there to answer our questions and if he didn’t know the answer he would point us in the right direction immediately.

We are so excited to be in our FIRST NEW home! We love it so much and we wanted to say thank you for all you have done for us! I will definitely refer anyone who is looking to buy a home in your direction. I can honestly say nothing but good things about the Buda Palm Harbor office.

Thank you very much!
The Navarros,
Buda, TX

I have done nothing but brag…

I want you to know how pleased we are that we decided to stop by your Buda TX location. Initially, we were only there to look. Our housing consultant was so excellent he got us into a doublewide that day! I cannot tell you how pleased we are with the overall experience we had so far. I know if I have any concerns or questions our housing consultant will answer and solve it all for me. He is so patient and attentive to us. I want you to know how professional your whole staff is. I have done nothing but brag about Palm Harbor Homes in Buda to all of my friends and family.

Thank you so much for all your help and attention you have shown us!


A. Whitehead,
Buda, TX