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5 Storage Ideas for Mobile Homes

A storage area with milk cartons as storage containers.

When you don’t have a lot of space for storage in your Texas mobile home, it’s time to change the way you think about space. Instead of looking at square footage, start thinking in cubic feet. Every square inch of floor space and vertical space can act as storage with some creative storage solutions. Here are a few quick and easy ideas.

1. Transform Windows Into Storage

Instead of curtains, or in addition to them, you can hang a cloth shoe rack in front of your windows. If you do, you suddenly have space to put silverware, spices, and other kitchen gadgets. This frees up coveted counter space and room in the cabinets.

2. Modular Shelving Maximizes Space Value

Installing shelves from floor to ceiling allows you to take advantage of every square inch of a wall. By using racks that can change height, you get a shelving unit that transforms to meet your storage needs.

3. Keep Linens Where They Are Used, Under the Bed

Storing extra linens in a closet takes up usable space. If you put a spare set of linens between the mattress and box spring, you get instant storage and a convenient place for linens when you need to change the bed. Also, it can be a time save when you don’t need to sort through all of the sheets looking for the correct size for a particular mattress.

4. Wire Door Racks Keep Spices Handy

Those wire racks that install on the inside of your cabinet doors can be a great way to get your spices organized. They can also go on the outside of the door and the inside, doubling up your storage space. You can even use a potholder on the inside and a spice rack on the outside for added convenience.

5. Storage Cube Seating

Another way to really ramp up the storage space without sacrificing on function is to choose seating options that double as storage. Storage cubes with comfy padded tops can replace traditional seating. Finding particularly tall options just adds more storage.

There are dozens of other ways to maximize your interior space in your Texas mobile home. Never use the area under the mobile home as storage, and never look at the roof as a place to store belongings. Instead, learn to look at interior space in three dimensions to find solutions that can work for you. With the new tiny house movement, storage solutions are innovative and workable for virtually any home.

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